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Home of stupid rants...

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14 June
A college student, in great need of psychiatric help.

" sleeping, action, alondra park, alton brown, anthony bourdain, anything ending in "ing, apple fabric, apples, asparagus, being a whore, being vegetarian, bobbins, boys, boys 2 men, busta rhymes, buying fabric, cake, cheese, chicana/o studies, chihuahuas, circle k, clothes, consciousness, cook's tour, cookbooks, cookies, cooking, culinary school, culture, cupcakes, curry, cutco cutlery (ahah), dave chappelle, digital cameras, dressing up, drums, eggplant, ensenada, ethic food, ethnic communities, ethnic supermarkets, europe, fabric, fake meat, flan, flat shoes, food network, forever 21, franch, friends, going to fake mexico, green tea, guadalajara, ice cream, indian food, iron chef, jogging, key club, kitchenaid, kitties, knitting, la michoacana, leadership, livejournal, madeline pans, madelines, making purses, making shirts, mariah carey, mary janes, mascota, mexican candy, mexico, missy elliot, my three evil chihuahuas, naked chef, new york, nine west, not stressing out, nutrition, oaxaca, paletas, pan dulce, panaderia, paul frank, penguin's frozen yogurt, piano, pictures, piping bags, polka dots, pootey tang, porky, pretty fabric, puppies, purses, race, reading a good book, ribbon, running, salsa dancing, santa ana, satin, school, scones, sewing, sewing south park, spain, speaking bad french, speaking bad spanish, string, student empowerment, study abroad, stupid movies, super hyatt, sushi, swimming, tea, tea biscuits, thai food, the gym, thread, tofu, toys, traveling, truth, ucla, unprocessed food, unprocessed vegetarian food, vietnam, vietnamese cuisine, vietnamese food, wedding cakes, whole food's market, whole wheat products, working out

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