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In the eve of my last final...

It sucks having a final the very last day, the very last possible time slot.

I feel prepared, yet I keep studying because it's finals, and that's how it should be... right?

Had I taken my final today, I'd be able to prepare for tomorrow's trip. Damn, I still need to pack and figure out the directions. I'm worried because it's probably going to be snowing, and driving in snow is no fun.

I'm definitely looking forward to the retreat because Virginia is going to be there. It's been so long since I've seen her. The last time was at the summer retreat, when the situation was tense.

I am optimistic that next quarter is going to be good. Not to say that this quarter was overall bad, because it wasn't. It was just stressful trying to take care of AISA stuff, dealing with internal politics, trying to coordinate the conference, still working for the project, and keeping on top of my schoolwork, on top of some other personal issues. There were definitely bad moments... like writing two budgets in two days in addition to a paper and going to meeting. But then, there were really good moments where I got to learn so many new things, meet new people, and just enjoy the position as president.

Yesterday my mom thought I had been abducted by some random man. We were talking, my service cut out, and I thought she heard the part where I said "i'm gonna go because you are cutting out." Apparently this was not the case. She called me, but the call didn't go through. When she finally was to get through to me, all angry, yelling that my dad had called my cell and a man picked up. Ughh... maybe he called the wrong number.

There ain't no man in the apartment.

I think I'm going to leave soon. I'm in Kerchoff... they have free coffee nights during finals. Jesus, just what I don't need... more caffeine.

Tomorrow I will just review. Oh, I also need to finish buying Christmas present. Er.

anyways... I'm going to go... chill. Maybe I'll even sleep early? Lately I've been sleeping much more than usual. Ironic considering its finals week.
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